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O fotógrafo Frank Freeman retratou a personalidade e sonhos de pessoas com síndrome de Down em Hong Kong

 PHOTOGRAPHY – HK Down Syndrome Photo Series Challenges Stereotypes

Um ótimo projeto sobre individualidades, 

estereótipos sociais e com modelos que 

deram um show!!!

A new photography project by Frank Freeman aims to challenge societal stereotypes and improve understanding of an important cause…
The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association and Freeman collaborated to capture “the pure beauty of the people with Down Syndrome through their personal portraits”.
“Through launching public exhibitions of these artworks, I aspire to enhance the society’s general understanding of my models,” Freeman says.
The photographs will be exhibited three times from Jan to April this year.
The first exhibition will be at the Cultural Centre from next Tuesday, 4pm.
“The biggest reason why most people look differently at people with Down Syndrome is that we don’t see them as individuals, but as patients. Not knowing how to approach or befriend them, some might simply discriminate them to escape from the difficulties. However, they are a chosen group of people. Genetic changes turn each of them into someone with innocent appearance, kind heart and free spirit. They are also emotionally expressive: when they feel happy, they will laugh out loud; when they feel sad, they will shed their tears,” says Freeman.
From March 17th, the photos will be exhibited at A-Link, C.C. Wu Building, Wan Chai.

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